2019m. naujienos


Stockel garsiakalbis su bluetooth


Garsiakalbis turi plastamasini korpusa su spalvotom LED švieselem. Turi hands-free funkcija, FM radija, pakraunama baterija bei USB laida pakrovimui.

Code: AP721099




Kaylox aplankas dokumentams


Poliesterinis aplankas dokumentams. Aplanke yra: 4000mAh power bank'as, vizitinių kortelių, tušinukų, telefono laikyklis, užrašų knygutė kurioje 20 lapų ir USB pakrovėjas.

Code: AP721076

Koneit kuprinė


Backpack with solar panel, USB connection, padded laptop and tablet compartment, padded back and shoulder straps and combination lock. Nylon 1200D.

Kuprine su saules įkraunama baterija, USB jungtimi, paminkštintu skyriumi nešiojamam kompiuteriui bei paminkštintom petnešėlėm. Kuprinė turi dar kombinuotą užraktą papildomam jūsų daiktų saugumui.

Code: AP721289

Rigal kuprinė


Kuprinė su apsauga nuo skaitmeninių vagyščių. Kuprinė turi viduje keleta užtraukiamu kišenių bei paminkštinta skyriu nešiojamam kompiuteriui. Kuprines petnešos turi paminkštinimą. Kuprines viduje taipat rasite USB laida skirtą power bank'ui. Kuprines medžiaga - poliesteris.

Code: AP721153

Versox kuprinė


Kuprinėje yra skyrius su paminkštinimu, anga skirta USB laidui bei turi paminkštintą petnešą ir nugarą. Pagamint iš poliesterio.

Code: AP721325

Merlak kuprinė


Neperšlampama kuprinė kuri yra pagaminta is PU odos. Turi keleta užtraukiamu kišeniu viduje, paminkštinta skyriu nešiojamam kompiuteriui bei su paminkštinom petnešom ir nugara. Viduje yra USB laidas kuris yra skirtas jūsų power bank'ui.

Code: AP781384

Donatox sportinis krepšys


Sportinis krepšys su užtraukiamu skyriumi, petnešėle ir USB laidu jūsų power bank'ui. Pagamintas iš 600D poliesterio.

Code: AP721085

Kaltun garsiakalbis su bluetooth


Garsiakalbis yra bambukiniame korpuse, turi hands-free skambinimo funkcija, FM radija, pakraunama baterija, bluetooth prisijungimą ir USB pakrovėjas.

Code: AP721113

Nembar belaidis pakrovėjas


Belaidis pakrovėjas su bambukiniu korpusu. Makismalus galingumas: 1000mA.

Code: AP721122

Latrex 8GB USB tušinukas



Metalinis tušinukas kuris rašo juodu rašalu ir 8GB USB atmintinę. Tušinuka rasite įpakuotą į juodą, patrauklią dežutę.

Code: AP721347-10_32GB

Ceyban apyrankė su USB pakrovėju



Guminė apyrankė su Type-C USB laidu ir aliumine plokštele jūsų reklamai.

Code: AP721101

Hernak 16GB USB atmintinė



USB atmintinė turi 16GB atminties bei unikalų, metalinį korpusą su akriliniu viduriuku ir balta šviesele viduje. Įpakuota į plastmasinę dežutę.

Code: AP721334_16GB

Boltuk užrašų knygutė su USB atmintine


Knygutė turi kartoninį viršelį, 16GB USB atmintę ir spalvuotą gumelę. Knyguteje yra 100 lapų.

Code: AP721140

Kefron užrašų knygutė


PU oda aptraukta užrašų knygutė kuri turi 100 liniuotų lapų, spalvotą žymeklį ir gumine juostele. Knygutė yra su specialia danga kuri yra skirta graviravimui. Graviravimo spalva atitinka su juostelių spalvomis.

Code: AP721130

Yaret tušinukas


Tušinukas rašo melynu rašalu ir turi touch screen rašiklį. Tušinukas yra padengtas gumine danga kuri yra skirta graviravimui.

Code: AP721050

Woner tušinukas


Aluminium ballpoint and touch screen pen with blue refill. With special coating for mirror engraving matching the stylus colour.

Aliuminis tušinukas su touch screen rašikliu. Tušinukas turi graviravimui skirta guminę dangą.

Code: AP721094

Botik rinkinukas


Rinkinukas su užrašų knygute ir aliumininiu tušinuku kuris turi touch screen rašiklį. Knygutėje yra 80 lapų. Rinkinukas yra įpakuotas į atitinkamos spalvos dežutę.

Code: AP741853

Foli užrašų knygutė su lipniais lapukais


Užrašų knygutė turi kietą viršelį kuris yra pagamintas iš perdirbto popieriaus. Knygučių yra 3 rūšys:

75 lapai, 10x7,5 cm dydžio

25 lapai, 7,5x5 cm dydžio

125 lapai 5x1,6 cm.


Code: AP791261

Velny ballpoint pen


Transparent plastic ballpoint pen with chrome tip. With blue refill.

Code: AP781468

Quarex ballpoint pen


Coloured, plastic ballpoint pen with blue refill.

Code: AP741534

Flixon ballpoint pen


Plastic ballpoint pen. With blue refill.

Code: AP721079

Hembrock roller pen


Plastic roller pen with colour barrel and chrome parts. With blue jumbo refill.

Code: AP781722

Rasert ballpoint pen


Plastic ballpoint pen with metallic finish and metal clip. With blue refill. Alexluca brand product.

Code: AP781860

Nakel ballpoint pen


Elegant plastic ballpoint pen, with blue refill. Alexluca brand product.

Code: AP741605

Motul touch ballpoint pen


Plastic ballpoint and touch screen pen with rubber grip and black refill.

Code: AP741880

Sury touch ballpoint pen

Plastic ballpoint and touch screen pen with metal inlay.

Code: AP791952



Polkat ballpoint pen


Aluminium ballpoint pen with blue refill. With special coating for mirror engraving.

Code: AP721083

Yago touch ballpoint pen


Metal ballpoint and touch screen pen in gift box, with blue refill. Antonio Miro brand product.

Code: AP791861

Worden pen set


Metal ballpoint and roller pen set in paper gift box. Delivered with blue jumbo refill. Antonio Miro brand product.

Code: AP741403

Sentel pencil set


Elegant pencil set with 3 wooden pencils, unsharpened. Delivered in black paper box. Antonio Miro brand product.

Code: AP741070

Redcross first aid kit


First aid kit with scissors, nippers and bandages in PVC case.

Code: AP761360

Trudex ballpoint pen


Ballpoint pen made of recycled materials: combination of wheat straw and PP. With blue refill.

Code: AP721322

Elam translator


Translator with 7 languages, including calculator. Delivered with button cell battery.

Code: AP791393

Renkur mug


Metallic coloured ceramic mug with white inside, 350 ml. With special coating for engraving, the engraved logo is matching the inside colour. In gift box.

Code: AP721054

Wireless powerbank


Wireless metal power bank with 8000 mAh capacity and USB charging cable for Android and iOS. Just place your smartphone on the powerbank and it will charge automatically. Your advertisement will be printed on the top.

Code: 3082303

Metal USB stick with carabiner


Metal USB stick with 8GB capacity and snap hook. We will engrave your logo on the metal surface.

Code: 2099207

Matt USB lighter


Matt lighter made of plastic, it is charged through a USB cable, and lights without flame. We will print your logo on the lighter.

Code: 9097603

USB lighter


Plastic lighter, charged through a USB cable, and lights without flame. We will print your logo on the lighter.

Code: AP721015

Magic Erasable Pen erasable pen


Ballpoint pen with erasable ink. You can use the top of the pen to easily make the written text invisible and write over it immediately. The clip of the pen is also the push button. The blue pen has blue ink and the black pen has black ink. Please indicate your preference when ordering. Extra info: At extreme temperatures (from plus 50 ° C and from minus 10 ° C) the removed ink will reappear.

Code: 0810.9821

LogoBoost Wireless light up charger


Wireless ABS charger for quickly charging mobile phones. Your logo or image is applied on the charging surface with laser engraving. This lights up when the charger is connected. This brings your brand to light in a prominent way. Input: 5V-1.5A. Wireless output: 5V-0.8A 5w. Compatible with all mobile devices that support wireless charging, such as the newest generation of Android telephones and iPhones from generation 8. With anti-slip cushions. Includes matching colour micro-USB charging cable and user manual. Each piece in a box.

Code: 0579.98

LogoBoost 4000 Powerbank light up power charger


Compact, flat and powerful! ABS power bank with built-in polymer battery (4000mAh) and glowing battery indicator. With light-up technology. Your logo or image is laser-engraved after which the text or image will light up. Input: DC5V/1A. Output DC5V/1A. Includes micro-USB charging cable and user manual. Each piece in a box.

Code: 0752.98

MasterOfArt colour set


Complete 67-piece colour and paint set. Clearly stored in a wooden box with metal snap closure and wooden handle. Contents: 12 painted colour pencils, 12 markers, 12 crayons, 12 oil pastel crayons, 12 water paints with transparent mixer, ruler (15 cm/6 in), tube of glue, eraser, sharpener and paintbrush.

Code: 3939.44

FullColour PostmanBag


Practical shoulder bag made from nonwoven material (120 g/m²). Super lightweight and strong. With large compartment, pockets for pens, shoulder strap and flap with velcro fastening. We deliver this shoulder bags exactly as you want it: in any desired colour, with a unique designed print or own design. Even sharp pictures or a combination of all of the above options are possible.

Code: 3631.99

Contigo® Cortland Inf. Bottle


Smart water bottle made of clear BPA-free Tritan. With AUTOSEAL® technology (100% spill and leak-free design. AUTOSEAL® press the button, take a nip. The drinking hole closes automatically after each nip). Unique locking system, carabiner and special infusion cup at the bottom. Fill the infusion cup with herbs or fruit and fill the bottle with water. Attach both parts in a snap to each other. The fruit flavour mixes with the water. Thanks to the special strainer the fruit does not float in the bottle. A real recommendation. Dishwasher safe. Incl. instructions. Content 750 ml. Contigo® The best in quality, design and technology. Immediately recognisable by its sleek and stylish design, strong and solid. The innovative Contigo® water bottles and thermo cups are odourless, tasteless, BPA-free and based on the revolutionary AUTOSEAL® or AUTOSPOUT® technology (2 year warranty). Closed the spout is protected from dirt and microbes. The drinking bottles are one-hand operated and guaranteed 100% leak-free, so always and everywhere to use. Our top favorites for a durable promotion

Code: 5688.20



Yoyo made of transparent coloured synthetic material with flashing, red light. Batteries incl.

Code: 3230.30

Lipbalm Cube


Lipbalm in a plastic cube shaped holder. No sun protection factor. Ingredients: Petrolatum, Paraffinum Liquidum, Ozokerite, Polyisobutene, Butyrospermum Parkii Butter, Hydrogenated Microcrystalline Cera, Cera Alba, Hydrogenated Palm Acid, Stearyl Stearate, Tocopheryl Acetate, Parfum, Citric Acid, Methylparaben, Propylparaben, Benzyl Alcohol, Limonene.

Code: 3152.60

Ontario ice scraper


Plastic lighter, charged through a USB cable, and lights without flame. We will print your logo on the lighter.

Code: AP721015

Zeppelin writing set


Metal writing set: blue ink ballpoint pen and refillable pencil with 3 HB refills (0.7 mm). Both with glossy coated barrels. In a gift tin. Each set in a box.

Code: 4310.30

TrioMarker highlighter pen


Highlighter with 3 different fluorescent colours; yellow, green and pink tips.

Code: 3604.10

BottlePen pen



Blue ink ballpoint pen, made almost entirely from recycled PET bottles.

Code: 2222.30