Digital printing

Digital printing - the best choice when you need ultra-low mintage (starting with a single copy). Digital printing press way work is done very quickly.

Color digital printing

Within a short period of time, print a variety of products - ranging from business card to posters. Digital printing is guaranteed a low price because it does not require special preparation of the complex.

Manufactured products (digital print media), and conducted a range of services includes:

  • magazines and books;
  • training, presentations and marketing materials;
  • business cards, discount cards;
  • diplomas, letters of thanks, price lists and certificates;
  • projects and scientific works;
  • reports and brochures;
  • account of variable information, tickets;
  • personalized advertising messages;
  • invitations and party cards;
  • promotional leaflets and posters;
  • flyers, stickers, labels;
  • flags of paper;
  • menus, etc.